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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Save the Shuffleboard memories.

Here are my favorite excerpts from this week's newsletter (written by Phil):

Edison II got a 5-2 win over “visiting” Edison I, with good scoring from Jeston (37-24, 3-for-4), Frog (22-15, 2-for-3), and Michelle (a 13-pointer in her only game of the night).

An unusual match at the Edison saw both teams show up a player short. It was decided to play the match anyway, so everyone got to play 2 in a row and sit one out, and 2 players played 5 games each for both teams. In the end, it was Edison I coming out on top of home team Edison II, 5-2. Buck Buckius went 50-25 for the winners, not quite so astounding considering it was accomplished in 5 games, while Mark Meyer wound up 40-26 in 5 for the losers, and Michelle made a monkey out of yours truly with a 14-0 drubbing in game 6. Everyone agreed that the format made for a hell of a fun day of shuffleboard for the 6 players involved.

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