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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ditch Diggin' Day.

Well, it's Tuesday. Must be the day to clear the broken branches/street debris/road-kill from the ditches on Ershig Road. And with that, I return from my Bow-observation hiatus.

I was away for a 10 day stretch visiting the Northern California Coast. You can't believe everything you assume about California. I had been certain I'd not need a coat and I ended up being COLD.

Boarding the return flight back to my coats and similar weather, the attendant announced, "It is a full flight today! You WILL be sitting next to someone. That's right, folks. It's Make A Friend Day! If you did not bring a friend, we will provide you with one." Some how I managed to weasel a window seat and sat fixed out the window, headphones on. I stared down every potential middle-seat sitter with the most anti-social persona I'd ever had. A nice small girl sat next to me. We did not become friends. She fiddled with her iPhone for the flight's duration. I fell asleep by accident, much to my chagrin, and missed the drink service I had been looking forward to. Now, if I had taken my headphones off and made a friend, perhaps I would have been able to have that cocktail. Let that be a lesson to us all.

mt. rainier
(mt. rainier as we descended)

After baggage claim, I regretted letting my husband off the hook about picking me up at the airport. I had to wait an hour to catch the next north-bound shuttle and grew frustrated with every second of the wait. When it was time, I grabbed another window seat, again with my headphones on. I listened to every song on my iPod by the Constantines, and a couple twice. The shuttle makes the hour drive in double the time, but by my Burlington arrival, my husband had texted me promises of dinner and a hotel room. Cable TV and a shower that does not smell like our egg-water (sulfur) well supply. Promised dinner fulfilled, we took our membership cards to check in at the Skagit Casino Hotel. However, it was booked full and displaced, we moseyed down Old Highway 99 landing at the Cook Road Fairfield Inn at the Junction of Bow, Burlington, and Sedro Woolley.

Now today, I am getting back to my Bow/Skagit County routine. I had missed an evaluation while away for the Paralegal 105 Class I'm taking at Skagit Valley Community College. I went today to make it up and as I was finished and trying to remember the date to write at the top of my paper I laughed, "I should know what the date is, tomorrow is my birthday." My teacher laughed as well. He said, "Today is my birthday!"

When I tried to buy a parking permit from the cashier, all she wanted to talk about was horses on account of today I am wearing my horseshoe necklace. She ended her anecdote with "...still today, my husband says I looked like Ichabod Crane galloping toward him."

And here's a fun wiki for today:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Samish Island History 101, taught by my pal Dylan

"That's not an island. We drove to it."

I try to explain to my husband that the land-bridge wasn't always there and how Samish Island is indeed an island. But in the back of my mind, I was asking myself... "Well, IS it?"

So I asked Dylan to back me up. Dylan, now a successful PDX businessman, hosted a Christmas Eve seafood party at his mom's warm waterfront home. He grilled Blau oysters and laughed with us about the Christmas Eve caroling firetruck that kept circling the island. We sucked crab meat from fresh crabs, also from Blau's, and we listened to Dylan tell us about the island he grew up on.