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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Princess of Tides

I rent a spot in a building we call Sloughside Studios. I sit at my desk and while I paint, draw or internet, the ducks play in the slough water out the window. The tide rises and falls. The dock rests and floats. Down the street are the bars where we play shuffleboard.

When the tide is in, the ground saturates with the water and the landscape changes ever so slightly. The shuffleboarders seem to be of the few that notice without looking at the water level or knowing their tide charts. The subtle underground gorge seems to effect shuffle play on certain boards, tilting them this way or that. This is especially noticeable when the king tides come in.

Two weeks ago, my lovely scientist friend Lisa flew in from Nashville for a birthday visit. We, of course, inducted her momentarily into the shuffleboard league and gave her a match against one of the league's best players. She held her own very well. I've invited Lisa to write a guest blog for Exit 236 about observations and insights she might've adventured while in Bow. Let's give her a round of applause.

lisa plays shuffleboard

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