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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

bird whisperer

Yesterday I participated in hourly comic day. (http://www.hourlycomic.com/hourlycomicday.html) I drew a series of little drawings illustrating the boring events of my boring day.

Had it been today, the comic would have begun with a little bird stirring me from my sleep on the living room couch. I sat up and it whizzed past my head on a kamakaze attempt to leave through the only window in the building. Thump! But lo! Little Bird was not dazed and it flew its tiny body into the bathroom and began trying to leave through the mirrors.

bird in the bathroom

It hardly wanted to pose for a picture and I settled with this one. He dive-bombed from the shower bar and out into the living room screen door where he either got stuck, or gave up. I grabbed a towel and scooped him up before the dogs noticed his existence.


He wiggled a little. I left the towel on the counter to put some kicks on my feet and leash my dog. Dog towing me out the door, I set the towel atop my car and opened it up. The little bird flew up and riiiight back toward the front door. He did not want to leave.

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  1. update your goddamn blog. also I want some of those pictures you took the other day...