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Thursday, December 17, 2009

piglet flu

Sore muscle and quease in my belly and cold sweat day.  I think I have a little flu/cold condition.  The onset of this yesterday caused my brain to begin malfunction.  We had to make two trips to Whidbey Island Bank on account of I forgot the checks we were fixing to cash.  Later the green beans ended up a little ...caramelized.  Okay, I burned the heck out of them. 

Driving home from the bank the second time, my husband said something cleverly Bow-related that I decided I would include in today's entry.  I considered putting it as a memo in my phone, but convinced myself that I wouldn't be able to forget.  No mnemonic device necessary, this is classic!  And now I'm e-kicking myself because that moment has since passed and wasn't properly filed.  Alas, another anecdote lost to the ages.  

So, I'm sick today.  But that doesn't mean this compulsion that's been growing in me to take wallet to the casino has quelled.  The Skagit Casino Resort is just a country mile from our driveway.  I did gamble and win recently: and so it begins.  Now I find myself too tired to really get dressed for the day, but at the same time wondering if anyone would care if I was sitting at the Blackjack table in my nightgown. 

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